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ISBN 9780827227514, USD $375.00


A Note about Sharing InsideOut Resources

Governing bodies that own and operate more than one campsite must buy one copy of the curriculum for each campsite. Copies of the DVD files may be made for use only within each campsite.

Site License

Purchase of this resource gives license for its use, adaptation, and copying for programmatic use at one outdoor ministry site (hereinafter, “Camp”) for up to one year from purchase. For questions or permission for other uses, contact Chalice Press at 314-231-8500 or This site license allows your camp to post the InsideOut resources for up to one year from purchase on a password-protected Web site for the exclusive use of volunteer directors and authorized staff. The password must expire within one year of purchase, and the administrator must change the password immediately upon discovery of unauthorized use. Please email the website link for verification to The camp must include the following copyright permission statement on each Web page, posted file, or item of the InsideOut curriculum:

    Copyright © 2012 Chalice Press. Used by permission.

The copyright agreement with Chalice Press allows us to use, adapt, copy, and distribute these curriculum materials for use at [insert camp name and location]. Please help us honor this agreement. You should (a) copy it to your computer for use in our camp programs only and (b) distribute it to other volunteers in your program for the same purpose.

Thank you for your help in this matter and for your willingness to serve in our programs.

Renewing your license for reuse

We hope your campers enjoy an InsideOut camp so much they beg to use it again. Since the original purchase of an InsideOut product brings a one-year license to use the product, a second year’s renewal is required. Renewals are available for $275.

Please contact Chalice Press at for more information on renewing your license.