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Fearless Faith: Courage in Community


Year 4 — Order Now!

This summer’s church camp is all about the community of Christ. Campers will learn:

  • to draw courage from friends, family, and your community
  • to stand up to mistrust, injustice, and fear itself
  • to forgive others
  • to change attitudes
  • to connect to and welcome all people

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Fearless Faith: Courage in Community is not just about campers “making friends at camp, enjoying nature, and challenging themselves” but how campers can create lasting communities in Christ to become a part of and gain support from. This community can help them stand up to mistrust, enemies, injustice, and fear itself.

See the Daily Overview for Fearless Faith for the theme, verse, scripture, theological focus, and camper activities and take-aways.

Daily guides offer fun, age-appropriate plans for:

  • Younger Children (ages 7-9)
  • Older Children (ages 10-12)
  • Younger Youth (ages 12-14)
  • Older Youth (ages 15-18)
  • Intergenerational/Family Groups with Preschool Adaptations
  • Day Camp (seven full weeks)

The Daily Guides for each age level engage campers as they

  • EXPLORE the scripture — what it says and what it means for them
  • EXPERIENCE a wide variety of activities that develop the Fearless Faith theme, helping campers live out the Bible teachings in Christian community
  • EXPRESS through worship and song their joy and commitment to live in the Spirit

InsideOut is committed to the highest quality Biblical teaching and latest educational practices and has drawn from a team of ecumenical Christian partners to develop this resource.


Managing a quality camp with part-time, summer-break, and volunteer staff is a challenge. Fearless Faith is contained in one DVD disc and can be shared with your staff and volunteers in paper or electronic files.

There are materials for up to 7 days (6 nights) of camp and 7 weeks of Day Camp. You decide how much or as little of the materials that you need. Use the resource as it is designed with the age-level and all-in-one PDF files or modify any of the text to fit your specific camp needs with the editable Word documents.

One DVD includes all of the page-designed PDFs, editable Word documents, graphic files, and biblical background training videos for Fearless Faith. Check out an outline of the components included in InsideOut. Each DVD is licensed for use by one campsite for one year only.