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Camp Resources

NEW for 2019
Peace Works: Empowering the Next Generation of Peacemakers

Peace Works, the newest offering from InsideOut Christian Camp Resources, is a complete outdoor ministry resource for camp planners and directors at Christian camps everywhere. Created by an ecumenical team of veteran camp ministry professionals, Peace Works is packed with materials and ideas for seven days worth of camp. Written for multiple ages, it’s flexible to use, easy to share with staff, biblically sound, and community-focused.



Beyond Belief! The Universe of God

The complete outdoor ministry curriculum for camp planners and directors at Christian camps everywhere. Beyond Belief  invites your campers to ask the big questions about God and explore how God can be seen in the vastness of creation, the power of community and even in their own hearts. You’ll find everything you need for seven days worth of camp programming, including games, art and science projects, Bible study, worship, service projects, and more. Optional Day Camp guides also included.



Branching Out: Connecting Through Christ

Branching Out has everything you need for up to seven days of camp programming. You will find suggestions for overnights and retreats and even helpful guides to make your programming last as long as your camp does.




InsideOut: Christian Resources for Outdoor Ministries (four-year series)


Developed by the National Council of Churches Committee on Outdoor Ministries, this resource has a four-year sequence covering the topics of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and The Church and Its Mission. The rotation ensures returning campers will explore the fullness of God, who they are created to be, and what they are called to do.