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Power Up: Living in the Spirit


Year 3 — Order Now!

This summer’s church camp is a wonder-filled opportunity for campers:

  • To experience Christian community and discover its source—the Holy Spirit!
  • To claim the gift of a new spirit within and to bear fruit as they choose living in the Spirit for themselves!
  • To realize they are never alone—Jesus’ gift of the Spirit is always with them!
  • To live with grace and forgiveness, unity and courage, joy and peace—powered up by the Holy Spirit!

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Power Up! Living in the Spirit is not just “learning about” but more “learning how” — how to live as a follower of Jesus Christ powered up by the Holy Spirit! The daily guides offer fun, age-appropriate plans for:

  • Younger Children (ages 7-9)
  • Older Children (ages 10-12)
  • Younger Youth (ages 12-14)
  • Older Youth (ages 15-18)
  • Intergenerational/Family Groups with Preschool Adaptations
  • Day Camp (six full weeks)


The Daily Guides for each age level engage campers as they

  • EXPLORE the scripture — what it says and what it means for them
  • EXPERIENCE a wide variety of activities that develop the Power Up! theme, helping campers live out the Bible teachings in Christian community
  • EXPRESS through worship and song their joy and commitment to live in the Spirit

See the Daily Overview for Power Up!, including the theme, imagery, scripture, focus, and camper activites.