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InsideOut Camp Curriculum Resources

New for 2019

Peace Works: Empowering the Next Generation of Peacemakers


An all-inclusive summer camp resource to turn your campers into peacemakers!

Peace is a prayer for some and a life’s work for others. It’s a blessing we share with others and a longing within each of our hearts. Scripture is filled with the stories of peace and justice and camp is the perfect place to share them. Peace isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth the effort, because we know that peace works!

Peace Works, the newest summer camp curriculum resource from InsideOut, provides everything you need to produce a fun, enriching, spiritual, and biblically-based camp experience for campers of all ages. From bible studies about the biblical call for justice and peacemaking, to learning about how other cultures name and express peace around the world, Peace Works will educate and empower your campers to become peacemakers in their communities. Creative arts projects such as peace cranes and peace poles will help your campers express their personal hopes for peace and connect them to larger movements for peace around the world.

Our new online resource is easy to use, flexible, and offers easy viewing, downloading, and printing of all materials for you and your staff, in one central place.

> Learn more about Peace Works

For a camp experience that changes campers from the inside out!

2018 – Beyond Belief! The Universe of God


What if God was bigger than you ever imagined? Beyond Belief! — our newest summer camp resource — invites your campers to ask the big questions about God and explore how God can be seen in the vastness of creation, the power of community, and even in their own hearts.

Beyond Belief! provides everything you need for seven days worth of camp programming, including games, worship, Bible study, art projects, and service projects. Campers will discover how God’s endless love launches amazing adventures and that God always has new mysteries to explore. Optional Day Camp guides also included!

Our new online-only resource for 2018 offers easy viewing, downloading, and printing of all the materials for you and your staff, all in one place.

> Explore Beyond Belief! The Universe of God

branching out dvd cove and dvdBranching Out: Connecting Through Christ

Branching Out has everything you need for up to seven days of camp programming. You will find suggestions for overnights and retreats and even helpful guides to make your programming last as long as your camp does.

The Bible stories in Branching Out encourage campers to use prayer, relationships, family, and more to stay connected throughout their lives.

This summer, remind your campers that they can take that camp-feeling with them everywhere they go. Remind them that they are connected to one another and to God by Christ. The Bible stories in Branching Out encourage campers to use prayer, relationships, family, and more to stay connected throughout their lives. > Explore Branching Out

And this year, you will find Eight weeks of Day Camp programming for your younger campers!

Day Camp contains eights-weeks of unique activities designed specifically around the Day Camp setting, with early morning and afternoon activities, Bible studies, daily snacks, closing devotions, and week-long projects. Using the same theme and Scripture references as the complete residential outdoor ministry resource, Branching Out Day Camp Only will energize your day campers.

Day Camp is included in the full version of Branching Out, but for churches or groups that only need the Day Camp material, a separate resource is also available.

 > Explore Branching Out Day Camp Only!

InsideOut: Christian Resources for Outdoor Ministries
(four-year series)


This resource has a four-year sequence that zeroes in on clear teaching objectives. The rotation ensures returning campers will explore the fullness of God, who they are created to be, and what they are called to do.

  • Fearless Faith: Courage in Community is not just about campers “making friends at camp, enjoying nature, and challenging themselves,” but how campers can create lasting communities in Christ to become a part of and gain support from. This community can help them stand up to mistrust, enemies, injustice, and fear itself.
  • Power Up! Living in the Spirit is not just “learning about” but more “learning how” — how to live as a follower of Jesus Christ powered up by the Holy Spirit! The daily guides offer fun, age-appropriate plans for younger children (ages 7-9), older children (ages 10-12), younger youth (ages 12-14), older youth (ages 15-18), intergenerational/family groups with preschool adaptations, and day camp (six full weeks).
  • Get Real: Finding Your True Self in Jesus is firmly rooted in scripture and helps campers know Jesus and love him. There’s a lot of fake out there. In a culture of manicured online profiles, electronically altered images, and relentless deception in advertising, it’s difficult to know who our friends are and whom we can trust. Not to mention how easy it is to buckle under the pressure and try to become the images we see. We all must seek our own real identity from a trustworthy source.
  • All Things NewFrom the very beginning, we have experienced God as Creator. God creates order out of chaos. God creates beauty with colors and contrasts of light and dark. This camp curriculum helps campers and camp leaders see God at work around us as we explore the fullness of God, who we are created to be, and what we are called to do.

> Learn more about the InsideOut Four-Year Series

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